Black River Entertainment:

Gordon Kerr
- Chief Executive Officer

Abby Miller
- Director of Client Services

Aly Schlepp
- Publicity Coordinator


Emily Hungate
- Vice President of Business Operations

Alex Judge
- Accounting Assistant

Dawn Delvo

- Head of Media and Public Relations


Tanya Welch
- Vice President, Marketing

Nikki Abbamont
- Marketing Coordinator

William Warren
- Technology Administrator and
Motion Graphics and Animation Assistant


Brian Rhoades
- Sr. Director, Artist Promotion and Brand Development

Black River Christian:

Mark Miller
- General Manager

Michael Kerr
- Director of Label Relations

Mark Hall
- Creative and Artist Mentor

Brian Thiele
- Vice President, Promotion

 Black River Records:


Rick Froio
- Executive Vice President
Doug Johnson
- Vice President of A&R
Derek Anderson
- Revenue & Streaming
Mike Wilson
- Senior Vice President, Radio Promotion
Bill Macky
- Sr. Director of National Promotion
Dave Dame
- Director, Promotion (Westcoast)
Joe Carroll
- Director, Promotion (Midwest)
Theresa Ford
- Director, Promotion (Southeast)
Jane O’Malia
- Director, Promotion (Northeast)
Bailey White
- Promotions Coordinator

Alicia Jones
- Project Manager
Robert Chavers
- Director, Creative & Digital Media Management

Chris Hopkins
- Creative Manager


Black River Publishing:

Dave Pacula
- Vice President of Publishing

Eric Hurt
- Senior Director of Creative

Katie Barolak
- Creative Manager

Rachael Drake
- Catalogue Manager



Sound Stage & Ronnie’s Place Studios:

Nick Autry
- General Manager

Warren Rhoades
- Chief Engineer

Kevin Monroe
- Live Sound Productions